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How to make your band website work for you – Part 2: Turn your band website into your Online Communication Center

Many bands/artists look on their website as a sort of glossy online brochure that the web surfer will come and look at, read and listen to and go away fully satisfied. But this ‘brochure-ware’ view is missing out on the full potential and power of the web, your website has the potential to be much more than a glossy online brochure and more than one-way communication…

How to make your band website work for you – Part 1: First Impressions

When someone visits a website for the first time they tend to make a snap decision on whether its worthwhile to continue exploring the site or it’s a waste of time and hit the Back button. This article discusses ways to encourage the visitor to stay and explore.

Why do we need a band website when we’ve got MySpace?

You already have a MySpace page for your band, so why bother with a website?

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