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Will I be able to update the site myself?

If you choose one of our ‘Easy Update’ packages your site will be built with a content management system(CMS) and you will be able to log in to the CMS and make updates to the site content just as easily as writing an email. If you are hosting your site with us we will also provide you with full access to all the files so you are free to modify the files yourself, if you have some web development knowledge, or get someone else to make changes to your site.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is a web interface that allows people to update content on a website without needing any special knowledge of web development. The person updating the content logs in to a special web page on the site and updates the content through standard web forms (just like writing an email using a web email site like Yahoo or Gmail).

Will I have full control over the website?

Absolutely, you can choose whether to host your site with us or with any other host of your choosing. If you host with us we will provide you with full access to the website so you can modify it as you please, get another web developer to work on it or move it to another hosting provider entirely. Your site is your property and we give you full control of it.

Do I get email accounts with @mybandname in the address?

Yes, if you host your website with us, email accounts are included for no extra charge.

Will I be able to see how many people are visiting my website?

Yes. When you host your website with us we will provide you with access to an online website statistics package that gives you detailed reports of the traffic to your website. You will be able to look at the big picture e.g. how many visitors to the website for a certain month or drill down to the finer details e.g how many times was a particular MP3 file downloaded.

How much will it cost?

We offer package deals and currently have special low introductory rates. See packages & pricing for more details. You are not confined to the package features and we can handle any specific requirements you may have. For quotations you can contact us through our enquiry form or by emailing . Our rates represent excellent value for a professionally designed custom website.

Does it matter what country my band is based in?

No, that’s the beauty of the internet, we can serve customers in any country.

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