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If you're a musician looking for someone to help you get a really great website set up to promote your act, reach out to your fans and expand your fan base, then you've come to the right place.

We can sort you out with the perfect website for your band!

We know how confusing it can be when it comes to getting a band website set up. There are so many details to cover – domain names, web hosting, site design, what features to include on the site and what technologies to use to implement them and of course how to keep the site up to date after it has been built. Well don’t worry, help is here at last! Musician Sites is a one stop shop and we can take care of all the details and and let you get on with doing what you do best, your music.

5 Reasons Why Your Band NEEDS A Website

  1. Win new fans from all over the world
  2. Maximise support from your existing fan-base
  3. Sell your music and profit from it
  4. Promote your gigs and get new bookings
  5. Attract major label attention

At Musician Sites we specialise in building band web sites that are designed to get you noticed on the web and keep your fans coming back. We provide a full range of features and advise you on how to use these features to help you maximise your potential for success. Our websites are built with an easy to use administration panel that puts you in control of your own online communication centre.

So don’t put it off any longer because you will not want to miss out on opportunities to make new connections through your own personalised band website. Submit an enquiry form right now and we will provide you with all the details of how Musician Sites can create the right website for you.

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