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we cater to a wide variety of needs and budgets

To simplify our pricing structure, we offer a number of standard packages to cater for different needs and budgets. These packages are very flexible and will meet the needs of most artists but if what you are are looking for does not fit into one of these packages or if you require work done to an existing website we can give you a quotation for your specific needs.

Package 1 – Starter Package

This package is ideal for artists on a tight budget who want to establish a web presence for minimum expense.

  • custom designed template
  • up to 5 informational pages e.g. home, bio, recordings, photos, contact, etc.
Package 1

Package 2 – Basic Easy Update Package

Our easy update package allows you to update your website yourself using an easy to use interface called a Content Management System (CMS). You just log in to a special page on your website and you can modify the content on any of the pages of your website. You do not need any special knowledge to update your website, anyone can do it.


  • custom designed template
  • any number of informational pages that you require e.g. home, bio, recordings, photos, contact, etc.
  • news/blog section – site visitors can comment on your posts if desired
  • guestbook
Package 2

Package 3 – Delux Easy Update Package

  • All the features of the Basic Easy Update Package
  • Music Jukebox – your visitors can listen to your latest tracks or samples directly from your website. The look of the jukebox can be custom designed to match your website.
  • Photo Gallery – you can have a simple photo page with the Basic Easy Update Package but integrating this special purpose photo gallery software into your website allows you to have multiple very slick looking photo albums. You can easily add new photo albums yourself when you have a new set of photos to put on your site. Uploading the photos is simple and you can add titles and captions if you wish Thumbnails (small photos) are created automatically. You can even allow site visitors to comment on the photos!
  • Gig Guide – you can of course have a gig’s listing page with the Basic Easy Update Package but adding the special purpose gig guide makes it easier to manage your gig listings as the old gigs automatically disappear when the date has passes to your site always looks up-to-date
  • Mailing List Manager – this is a great way to keep in touch with your fans. A fan can submit their email address on your website and you can send out occasional or regular emails/newsletters to everyone on the list
Package 3

Package 4 – Delux Easy Update Package with online store

This package includes everything from the Delux Easy Update Package plus the addition of an online store so you can sell your music downloads, CDs, tee-shirts or other merchandise directly from your website.

Package 4

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